Josh Smith Working With Rasheed Wallace On Midrange Shots, Post Moves

I some how get the feeling that Rasheed Wallace will go on to be a far superior coach than he was player in the NBA.

Wallace will get his first taste of actually coaching on the Pistons roster this season, and it’s already paying dividends for the new look Pistons.

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Josh Smith has been in Detroit getting some early working with Wallace, and the focus has been Smith’s mid-range jump shot, and a variety of post moves.

“I’m just trying to polish up on things,” he said after working with assistant coach Rasheed Wallace on the perimeter and in the low post. “I’m trying to be more consistent on my mid-range and long-range jumper. I’ve been working on it hard each and every day here.

“Rasheed has been teaching me some things that I need to know on the block; some veteran leadership from him. He has been able to show me some things. It’s always beneficial when you have a veteran guy who has played in the NBA and been successful and now they’re coaches. They can see things from a player’s and a coach’s standpoint.’’

Josh Smith shot 30.5 percent from midrange last season, and it’s the one part of his game that at times can make him look average.


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