JR Smith on If He Plans to Leave Cavs (Video)

Well JR can rest easy knowing he has a fan in LeBron James.

Thinking he was worth more with a ring on his finger — J.R. Smith opted out of a deal that would pay him $5.4 million for the upcoming season, hoping to get more.

During an interview with ESPN — Smith admitted that he’s contemplated having to move on — despite Cavaliers GM David Griffin saying he was confident a deal would get done.

“I’ve thought about that situation (leaving Cleveland), and I’ve thought about it the other way, too, going back and winning again,” Smith said. “Both are juggled in the air and I’m kind of nervous about that choice when it gets presented to me.”

Smith is coming off a season where he averaged 12.4 points a game, and will be key to a Cavs repeat opportunity.

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