Karrueche Ambushed By Protesters For Hosting Racist London Club (Video)

It looks like the honeymoon is over for Karrueche Tran, as she now knows how brutal the media can be. London’s
DSTRKT (pronounced District) restaurant and bar has been under fire lately for racist treatment of women trying to enter.

According to reports, four black women were subjected to having to stand against a wall and have their pictures taken, just to see if they were pretty enough to enter.

The ladies were denied.

“Prior to us actually getting to the club, the [promoter] wanted pictures of the girls that my friend was going to bring. He basically said, if she was going to bring black girls then they’ve got to be of ‘a certain calibre’. She sent him pictures of me and another girl that was coming and I guess he gave his approval.”

I’m not sure if Karrueche was aware of the club’s penchant for racist behavior, but she caught major hell from the tabloids and protestors as she was confronted while trying to enter the club for a hosting gig.

Karrueche did end up hosting the evening as planned, but later release a statement in support of the recent allegations towards DSTRKT.

“It’s unfortunate to hear about something like that especially something that I’m part of. I’m half African-American, too. I have godsisters and family who have darker skin as well. I don’t support any sort of discrimination. I love people for who they are.”

Maybe she had a contract and couldn’t break, who knows?

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