KD on If His Relationship With Westbrook “Will Ever Be The Same”


Kevin Durant is out of the country with Nike brass, touring Asia as he usually does in the summer after releasing a new version of the KD’s.

The Warriors star has now had a few days to rest, and absorb the huge decision he made, leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder, and Russell Westbrook behind for greener pastures. —

During a sitdown with SINA in China — KD was honest in saying that his relationship with his former running mate “would probably never be the same,” per SI:

“I just told him, I let him know how I felt. And you obviously, our relationship probably won’t ever be the same again, but it’s something I wanted to do and I expressed that to him. Hopefully, he respected it.”

It appears the four-time scoring champion and former MVP, will have to explain this comment as well — whether it was a jab at his former teammate — only Durant knows?

“We don’t have any selfish players on the team..I think everybody’s expecting us to play selfish.”

I expect that first Thunder-Warriors matchup to come on Christmas Day or somewhere else — highly televised.

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