Kevin Durant on His Relationship with Russell Westbrook (Video)


Kevin Durant may make ugly faces sometimes after he throws down a ferocious dunk, but he truly isn’t made to play the villain.

So although an off-court feud between former teammates Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook would make for electric theater and television — Durant told HBO’s Bill Simmons that’s just not in his DNA.

“I don’t care about you that much to try to want to hate you,” Durant said. “I hear all the time that ‘Michael (Jordan) hated such and such, Isiah (Thomas) hated such and such.’ I’m not thinking about you at home when I’m on my couch for me to hate you that much. That’s just not who I am.”

It sounds more like I left, deal with it how you must, but I still got love for you.

“I’m not going out and meeting Russell by his car. He’s not going to want to fight me. I don’t care about all that.”

That’ll all change the first time Russell Westbrook pops his former running mate with a nice elbow.

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