Kevin Durant on Media Twisting His Words Up For ‘Headlines’ (Video)


I mean, how did Kevin Durant expect his comments about the Warriors losing game seven of the NBA Finals to be interpreted?

the Warriors star doesn’t appreciate the media “twisting his words” or blowing his comments out of proportion.

Durant referenced Golden State losing game seven, but I guess he didn’t expect the media to add the stuff about being up 3-1, or how he couldn’t have joined the Warriors if they were coming off back-to-back titles.

From now on, the four-time NBA scoring champion says he’s going to be honest, with less filter.

“Man, whatever I say is going to be twisted up,” Durant said following the team’s Tuesday practice, according to CSN Bay Arena’s Monte Poole.

“So I can’t … I’m just going to say how I feel from now on. People that know me know what I mean, so it is what it is. Anything I say will be twisted up and be a headline. So it is what it is.”

So was Durant sugar-coating or talking around the subjects before? What we do know is that Durant admitted the Warriors needed a flaw to join them, and now he’s mad that the media once again took the story and ran with it.

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