Kevin Durant Responds To Cupcake Taunts with Red Velvet Edition of Nike KDX (Photos)

After winning his first NBA title, Kevin Durant has no chill, and I’ll definitely be copping a pair of these jawns.

The Finals MVP is dishing out the medicine now — as he and Nike released the KDX Red Velvet, a new on purpose colorway of Durant’s signature shoe firing a direct shot at his critics.

Durant bolted to the Golden State Warriors in free agency last summer following nine years with the Thunder, and the day he announced his decision — Russell Westbrook jabbed KD — sharing a photo of cupcakes — a dig dedicated their old teammate Kendrick Perkins who would call players “cupcake” when they were “acting soft.”

From Nike:

At the end of the day, winning is all that matters and anything else is just icing on the cake. The KDX ‘Red Velvet’ celebrates the smoothest player in the game and his undying quest for the sweet taste of victory.

The Red Velvet KDX hit stores Sept. 1.

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