Killer Mike Challenges MJ to Invest Olympic Shoe Profits into Black-Owned Bank

Dear MJ #23, on the behalf of black people and cops (I have loved ones who are both) thanks for the million dollars to the NAACP & Police Orgs. Now we wud like to Challenge you to send the profits of this Olympic Jordan Drop Into a Black Financial Institution. We know that with your example other Players will follow. I'm sure Jim Brown, Kareem & Bill Russell will agree. Love ya man. U truly were/are the greatest. *********************************** Black People and Allies of black people instead of buying this or any shoe. (1) Start an account with a black bank or credit union. (2) Save 300 bucks and get a secured credit card (#citzenstrustbank has a good one). (3). Charge these or any shoe, pay your bill on time building your credit. This way u r fresh as u wanna be, saving your actual cash and building your credit score. That way these shoes are a tool for your empowerment and not something that chains you into poverty. ************************************* I hope MJ and Us, Do The Right Thing!

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This is a sound proposal from Killer Mike, and something Jordan should consider if he wants to be taken serious by his people!

The Atlanta rapper is making serious headlines for leading an initiative calling on people to drop $100 in checking accounts in black-owned banks around the country — in an effort to empower the African American communities.

Slim Thug and fellow Houston rappers made news last week by dong the same thing, and now Killer Mike is asking Michael Jordan to put his money where his mouth is.

In an Instagram post this morning — Mike challenged ‘The Goat’ to take the profits from sales of the “Gold Medal” Air Jordan 5 Retro, releasing later this month, and deposit it into a black-owned bank.

The Air Jordan 5 Retro celebrates the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio with a new Air Jordan 5 Retro “Gold Medal.” Inspired by the highest level of athletic achievement, the sneaker features a mix of the white, black, and metallic gold coin. Release date is tentatively set for Aug. 20, 2016 at a retail price of $190.

Mike spoke on Jordan’s influence with NBA players, and believes others will do the same if Hall of Famer leads the call.

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