Lakers Jordan Clarkson on Setting Example ‘Like Kobe Did’


The Los Angeles Lakers are trying to return to prominence on the back of some athletic and gifted young talent.

Now following an awful three-year stretch that culminated with Kobe Bryant walking away from the game — Jordan Clarkson would like to assume the mantle of leadership.

Jordan Clarkson was able to learn from The Black Mamba, and believes he has the recipe for success — sharing it with HypeBeast:

“I’m definitely going to share my advice as much as I can to help these young guys succeed. At the same time try to set an example like Kobe did with his great work ethic,” Clarkson said.

“I know we’re going to be in a more uptempo and free system. I’m just trying to prepare as much as I can for that,” Clarkson said, before expressing his eagerness for the upcoming campaign to get underway.

“I’m really excited for the season to get going. We have a lot of young talent but also a lot of doubters and critics. I’m just ready to begin the year, so we can start to quiet the storm and improve as a team.”

Clarkson signed four-year, $50-million contract this offseason — after averaging 15.5 points, four rebounds, 2.4 assists, and 1.1 steals in 32.3 minutes per game.

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