LeBron James Speaks on The Warriors Chase For Record 73 Wins


The crazy thing is — LeBron James has been on some really good teams — but none have come close to eclipsing the Bulls 72-10 record.

The Cleveland Cavaliers forward said it would be “pretty cool” to see the Golden State Warriors break the Bulls 72-10 record.

“Records are meant to be broken,” James said before the Cavs’ shootaround Saturday morning in preparation for their game against the Chicago Bulls (8:30 p.m. ET, ABC). “That doesn’t mean your record that’s broken [and] anyone is looking less of you. You have rushing records that are broken. You have home run records that are broken. You have 100-yard dash [times] that are broken. You have all types of records that are broken, but no one ever looks down upon the record that is broken.

“You actually praise it even more. You look back at it like, ‘Wow, they really did that?’ So having Golden State in a position where if they win three in a row they can break that record, I think it’s pretty cool.”

The 70-9 Warriors need to win their final three games of the regular season to beat the Bulls’ mark of 72 victories in 1995-96.

Golden State is just the second team in league history to reach 70 wins.

James best regular season win total was 66-16.

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