LeGarrette Blount’s Roster Spot Not Certain

It seems the only thing that has changed about LeGarrette Blount since leaving Oregon to join the Buccaneers is his bank account.

A bank account that will dwindle if he doesn’t change his work ethic and get out of being irresponsible.

NFL.com is reporting that Blount is being pushed hard by 1st round pick Doug Martin and 7th round pick Michael Smith.

Reports have surfaced that Blount is so lazy and irresponsible that former coach Raheem Morris had to set him up with a car service, even tho the running back lived 3 short miles from the Bucs practice facility.

Blount will have to greatly improve his dedication and work ethic because new Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano is a stickler for discipline and accountability.

Here’s hoping LeGarrette gets the message.


  1. Reply Post By lee73

    Wake up LeGarrette!

  2. Reply Post By samco25

    Get it together dawg

  3. I’m a Niners fan and when he first came out of college he agreed to come to camp for us, then changed his mind. After his first year I was so disappointed. Now, I’m OK with it. I like LaMichael James better anyway.

    1. all that talent and no work ethic. pisses you off

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