Man Stabs & Kills Guy In Philadelphia Park Over New Jersey Devils Hat


This type of random violence normally doesn’t happen in this section of the city.

The Philadelphia Flyers and New Jersey Devils have an intense rivalry, but this was unnecessary. A man wearing a Devils hat stabbed another man to death after an argument about the hat turned physical, police said Monday.

STEVEN E. SIMMINGER, OF MEDIA, PA., STABBED COLIN MCGOVERN in the torso following an argument that started over Simminger wearing a New Jersey Devils hat, police said.

McGovern and his friend were involved in a verbal fight with Simminger over the hat, police said. The fight then turned violent and Simminger allegedly attacked McGovern.

Police found McGovern in the 1800 block of Rittenhouse Square “suffering from multiple stab wounds to the torso” at 3 a.m. on Sunday morning.

McGovern was taken to Hahnemann Hospital, where he was pronounced dead around 3:30 a.m.

A preliminary hearing for Simminger has been scheduled for March 30, according to court records.

Simminger, a Jersey resident,  was in the neighborhood after visiting friends.


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