Mario Williams Ex-Fiancee Releases Text Messages Claiming He’s Suicidal

Mario William’s first mistake was buying an engagement ring that cost him almost $1 million, and his second mistake was taking the advice of whoever told Williams to sue his ex-fiancee to get the ring back.

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that Williams ex-fiancee,Erin Marzouki, has hired her own attorney some sketchy details about Williams are about to be revealed.

Marzouki’s attorney, Tony Buzbee, says Williams emotional instability as the reason the engagement was called off.

“It was only after Ms. Marzouki refused to take him back that he became angry and filed this frivolous case,” Buzbee said Friday, via the Houston Chronicle, after the sides couldn’t reach a settlement in a three-hour mediation hearing.

Buzbee said that Williams broke off the engagement at least five times. Buzbee also released a three-page series of text messages that Williams allegedly sent to Marzouki, showing Williams in a very emotionally disturbed state.

“I took 3 hydrocodones this morning and no one knows,” Williams allegedly texted Marzouki. “I’m going to take 2 more on the plane and fade away.” He allegedly went on to text, “No money in the world should leave me with suicidal thoughts.”

Marzouki responded to Williams, “You told me you’re having suicidal thoughts. Clearly me & you don’t need to talk after every mean thing you said to be, but I’m going to tell DD to call you or something BC you went above and beyond saying suicidal thoughts, taking pills. Someone that you trust needs to intervene.”

Williams’ attorneys, Monica Schultz Orlando and Michael Gary Orlando, have not replied to several requests for comment on the case.

Not a good look at all for Mario Williams right now, and it definitely bring increased scrutiny to defensive end, seeing as though he struggled at times with his play, his wrist, and his attitude during his first season in Buffalo.

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