Mario Williams Says He’s Not Suicidal, Text To Ex-Fiancee Taken Out OF Context

Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams thought that if he sued his ex-fiancee, and got it out in the news, it would force her to return is almost $800,000 engagement ring. 

Instead, that publicity has backfired on Williams, and he now has people questioning whether or not he’s a simpleton, and his mental stability. 

Williams is now backpedaling, and according to USA Today, denying any thoughts of Suicide, or mental instability.

Williams called himself “completely fine, and says the text he sent out was him “venting” his feelings to someone he thought he trusted.

The now embattled Williams spoke to the media after practice Monday,and it was his first chance to respond since Erin Marzouki’s attorney released a series of texts the two exchanged in November.

The texts make Williams seem as if he’s ready to end it all over their breakup.

In one of those text, Williams wrote, “No money in the world should leave me with suicidal thoughts.”

Williams says he wrote that out of anger. He adds the decision to release the texts reveal Marzouki’s true chara

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