Martellus Bennett Bashes Cowboys

Martellus Bennett was a bit of a underachiever in his 3 seasons in Dallas.

He was known more for being oft injured, poor play, and silly quotes than anything else.

Bennett signed a one year deal with the New York Giants this offseason and obviously brought some hard feelings with him as well.

Martellus Bennett had some very choice words for the media and his former team. 

Shortly after comparing himself to Gandhi, the Giants tight end said he had “ill feelings” about the Dallas Cowboys.

“I just want to kick those guy’s asses,” Bennett said, via the New York Daily News.

Just like Gandhi always said.

“I don’t like a lot of people. I’m kind of an a–hole,” Bennett said. “I’m kind of pissed off about a lot.”

“I just want to kick those guys’ asses,” Bennett said shortly after arriving at camp, when he was asked about playing the Cowboys. “That is what it is all about. I mean we are cool but we ain’t that cool, know what I am saying? I kind of got some ill feelings towards them overall. It is a game, I kind of hate everybody, honestly, in the NFL.”

It’s hard for me to take Martellus serious.   I don’t think much of him as a tight end, a rapper, or Ghandi.

We shall see how the disciplined Tom Coughlin feels about him shortly.


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