Matt Barkley Hits Bicyclist With His Car

USC quarterback and Heisman favorite Matt Barkley avoided a potentially disastrous situation after gently crashing into a man on a bike over the weekend.

TMZ is reporting that Barkley was leaving a Mobile gas station near campus when he collided with the gentleman.

We’re told the rider was knocked off the bike … and Matt immediately stopped the car to check on the man.

Sources say one of the bike pedals was lodged in the bumper of Matt’s ride … but the two men were able to pry the part from the car.

After a quick conversation, we’re told both men decided it wasn’t necessary to call police … and went their separate ways. We’re told the biker did not appear to suffer any serious injuries.

We called both USC and Barkley’s family about the story — so far, no comment from either.

The Senior Barkley averted a situation that could have been a whole lot worse and a media nightmare for the preseason number 1 Trojans.

I’m just glad no one was hurt, and everything is good in the land of Troy.

Barkley might want to stay from behind the wheel until at least February though.

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  1. Its no fun. Getting hit, being I used to commute to and from work and have been hit. Sounds very minor besides. A hole in the bumper. Hopefully Barkley is more alert behind the wheel.

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