Matt Flynn Says He Doesn’t Regret Signing With Seattle

Rewind back maybe 8 or 9 months and Matt Flynn was the prince quarterback of free agency, after the king, Peyton Manning of course.

Flynn had a few choices to make, but it finally came down to Seattle and Miami.

Flynn surprisingly chose the Seahawks and the rest is history.

Matt Flynn got $10 million guaranteed and some rookie competition in Russell Wilson to go with it.

Fast forward and Wilson has the Seahawks talking possible playoffs, and Flynn is a high paid clipboard holder.

Hindsight being 20/20, many wonder would Flynn change his destination if he could do over it again.

Flynn told the Tacoma News-Tribune “he wouldn’t change a thing if he could all over again.”

Matt Flynn says “he lives with no regrets.”

“I wouldn’t say it was hard, but I wouldn’t say it was easy,” Flynn said about picking Seattle over Miami. “I kind of took it with an open mind. I didn’t want to lean one way or another when I looked into it. And I just wanted to get my feel for what I thought would be the best spot.”

“They told me I’d be coming in and competing,” Flynn said.

“I try to have the motto of living life with no regrets,” Flynn said. “I wouldn’t take anything back. I think I look back at the things I looked at, and the personal things I decided on, and I think I wouldn’t take anything back. I don’t have any regrets about it, but it was a tough decision, for sure.”

I’m not sure Flynn thought Seattle would draft a quarterback, and even after they drafted Wilson, I don’t necessarily think Flynn thought Wilson would be him out.

I think Flynn gets comfort in knowing he’s made a nice living and will be set for life, but other than that, I’d assume he’s burning up inside with thoughts that he might not ever be a starter.



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