Matt Forte Post Workout Video To Refute Bears Claims About His Knee

The Chicago Bears and star running back Matt Forte are playing a game of chess with their negotiations of a new deal.

Forte made the first move by standing up for himself and skipping OTA’s in protest of not getting a new deal.  The Bears countered by releasing a statement saying the stale mate in contract negotiations come from Forte having bad knees and causing his team concern about his durability.

Forte countered again by releasing a short 28 second twitter video that showed the running back pulling a weighted sled up a hill.  Forte wants the Chicago Bears and the public to know he is healthy and in good physical condition.

In my opinion the video was impressive in terms of getting public opinion on his side.  I’m sure plenty of Bears fans will see the video and be in an uproar over how their running back is being treated.

In terms of what it will do for him getting a deal on par with “Shady” McCoy or Chris Johnson,  Matt Forte shouldn’t hold his breath.

That hill will not tackle Matt Forte nor can it assess whether or not he has arthritic knees.

Touche’ tho Matt Forte.  Touche’

Your Move Phil Emery

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    He looks in better shape then me lol

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