McGrady Explains Awkward Meeting With Ben Simmons at Game 6 (Video)

Maybe it’s the comparisons to LeBron and not him or perhaps its just Ben Simmons possibly not knowing his history when it comes to NBA greatness?

This is the question former star Tracy McGrady is trying to answer after an awkward meeting with the likely No. 1 overall pick in next Thursdays NBA Draft.

While doing his usually appearance on ESPN’s The Jump — McGrady engaged in a conversation with Karl-Anthony Towns and applauded the unanimous Rookie of the Year for how he conducted himself among past and present NBA greats, that included Vince Carter, and Bill Russell to name a few — while watching Game 6 of the 2016 NBA Finals.

“I appreciate this guy, he’s a stand-up dude,” T-Mac said of Towns. “We’re all in the suite last night and he introduced himself to everybody and spoke.”

McGrady then told a story of one potential top overall pick not exuding the same courtesy and humility.

“And there was one guy that just walked in there and acted like he didn’t know nobody.”

“They say he might be the No. 1 pick.”

McGrady didn’t mention Simmons by name — but the former LSU star and likely top pick was in attendance in Cleveland — schmoozing with the likes of Jay Z and others.

After the ball game — Simmons sent out this tweet — acknowledging that he was all good with the stars he was interested in meeting.

McGrady could just be piling on — and maybe Simmons just didn’t see the former NBA scoring King. was McGrady sticking up for everyone Simmons forgot to acknowledge — or just himself.

T-Mac obviously feels like he’s an all-time great — likely feeling that Simmons snubbed him — regardless if he addressed the other players.

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