Melo Host ‘Town Hall Meeting’ With Team USA, Police & Local Youth (Video)

Leadership Together: A Conversation with our Sons and Daughters

Posted by Carmelo Anthony on Monday, July 25, 2016

Carmelo Anthony is continuing to show up — as the Knicks star, and Team USA leader brought all members of the United States men’s and women’s basketball Olympic teams together Monday for a town hall discussion with community leaders and local children and young adults in light of recent police violence.

Anthony called the meeting “an open forum, open dialogue, and honest conversation,” explored issues of trust, communication, and respect between police officers and civilians per Amanda Thorn of the NBA.

“There was some very, very powerful messages that were being talked about amongst not just us as athletes, but the youth,” Anthony said at a press conference afterwards. “And the youth really, really spoke out today about how they feel about their community, how they feel about police officers, how they feel about relationships, and how we can mend these relationships.”

About 200 participants in total participated — including representatives from the LAPD, the Brotherhood Crusade, and local Boys & Girls Clubs.

“It’s going to take a collective effort,” Anthony said. “And it’s going to take time. But we have to start it by talking about it, being honest with each other, not just pointing the finger at the officers, or the officers pointing the fingers at us.”

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