Michael Irvin on Ezekiel Elliott’s Running Style Making Him Want to Pleasure Himself


Ezekiel Elliott excites me as a runner too, but Michael Irvin is going to have chill out with this one.

NFL Hall of Famer, and former Cowboys star, Michael Irvin is very impressed with Cowboys rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott.

Maybe a bit too impressed for some of our taste.

During a Monday interview on 105.3 The Fan — Irvin said listening to Elliott talk about his own physical style of running makes him the opposite of moist:

“I’m telling you, when I listen to this boy talk about running the football like that, it just makes me want to go in the bathroom and spend some time by myself,” Irvin said. “I just love it so much.”

No, you didn’t misread that quote.

Irvin — who lists the Cowboys as the NFC’s second-best team, right behind Minnesota — spoke about how Elliott and Dallas line are vibing right now.

“He walks up and down that sideline, when he’s giving everyone fives, you hear what he says? ‘Physical! Let’s by physical! We’re gonna be physical!’ His interviews, ‘We’re gonna out-physical everybody.’ Physical physical physical,” Irvin told the station. “You match that up with that offensive line, that mentality from the running back with that offensive line as good as they are, you have connectivity. They say ‘all we gotta do is lay on em.’ He’s gonna come and lay on em. If I blocked it for 1 yard, he’ll make it 4. If I block for 4, he’ll make it 60 because they have that connectivity.”

If Zeke gets close to 2,000 yards, NFL Network staff may want to avoid giving Michael Irvin any handshakes or pounds.

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