Michael Irvin: Tony Romo Is ‘Best QB In The NFC, Period’

I said this before Michael Irvin did, but if it sounds better coming from the Hall of Famer, I’m all for it.

Tony Romo is off to a sizzling start this season, and he is not the reason the Cowboys are 2-2 after blowing a lead to the San Diego Chargers.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Irvin and a few other colleagues on the NFL Network’s Sunday pregame show deemed Romo, “the best quarterback in the NFC, period.”

Things apparently were going so smooth for the Cowboys that on NFL Network Tony Romo was decreed “the most dependable quarterback in the NFC” by a panel that included Super Bowl winning quarterback Kurt Warner as well as Hall of Famers Warren Sapp and Michael Irvin.

Irvin was feeling so much love for his former team that he myopically declared Romo, “The best quarterback in the NFC. Period.”

I know the Cowboys lost yesterday.  Tony Romo doesn’t play defensive back though, does he?


Being a journalist, you are sometimes asked to defend choices or statements you make.  I made the statement early on Monday morning that Romo was the best quarterback in the NFC and I stick by my statement.

Football is the ultimate team game that relies on all 53 players to make contributions that help lead a franchise to a super bowl.

I have to ask would we even be having this discussion if not for a bobbled snap against the Seahawks almost seven years ago? forget the fact that as the starting quarterback he shouldn’t have even been the holder that day.

Regardless of what Romo ever does, he’ll never live down the botched snap or the late season meltdowns.

What about Romo’s 1-3 record in the playoffs?   Well then I’ll ask, what about Matt Ryan’s 1-5 record in the playoffs for loaded Falcons teams.

Tony gets held to individual statistics.  Well lets talk about his statistics.  He owns the fifth-highest passer rating in NFL history at 95.6.

Pro Football Focus rated him as the 11th-best quarterback in football in 2012, 10th in 2011 and eighth in 2010.

People say Romo folds in the 4th quarter of games.  Tony Romo just has the highest fourth-quarter passer rating of any active quarterback in the NFL, and four fourth quarter game winning drives.

We won’t even get into the defense, lack of a running game, the utilization of said running game, and the guy with the headset who calls the offensive plays.

The point is opinion’s are like a** holes of course.  Everyone has one.

Now everyone knows my opinion of Ramiro Tony Romo.

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