Michael Vick Doesn’t Need Media Questioning Him

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has a message for all his critics and pundits in the media.

He doesn’t need your motivation.

Vick was being interviewed by beat writers from the Philadelphia Daily News, and was asked about the criticism he receives and if it motivates him.

“I watched the film.”

“I’m the one who lived it. Everyone else just kind of watched it from afar, they’re just speculating about it … I’m the one that’s got to deal with it and go out there and make it right.”

“This is a game that I love … every game is not going to be easy, every game is not going to be what everybody thinks [it should be]. Sometimes, it just may not be easy on the eyes.”

Vick is feeling the pressure to save Andy Reid and himself. ¬†If Andy Reid is fired at the end of the season, it’s not a stretch to think Jeffrey Lurie won’t try to rid himself of the huge deal he gave Vick two ¬†seasons ago.

Mike needs to stop pressing, relax, and play his game.


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