Michael Vick Keeps It Real At NFL’s Rookie Symposium

Mike Vick’s journey of redemption and giving back continued monday as he offered some words and wisdom to this year’s crop of NFL rookies at the annual NFL Rookie Symposium in Aurora, Ohio.

The 32-year-old star was gracious with his time and advice even as he prepares to be married this coming weekend.

According to espn.com, Vick gave a 30 minute seminar in which he discussed everything from prison sentence, to his crimes, his financial losses, and what getting a second chance meant to him.

Vick was quoted telling the fresh new crop of rookies, “Be accountable for everything you do,” “You can’t blame anybody else for your actions. The choices that you make each and every day are what shape your life.

According to blacksportsonline.com, via Jeff Darlington of the NFL Network Vick kept it very real when discussing his dealings with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Vick stated “Fellas, don’t get it twisted This man is the real deal. He don’t play. If he asks you a question, answer with honesty. Tell him the truth. If you get into some trouble, be honest, truthful, forthright. Don’t play with this man. He’ll love you to death, but the minute you cross him, he’ll be all the way turned up.”

In my opinion Mike Vick is the NFL’s version of street cred and if his time provides it, he should speak to the rookies every year.


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    Great Advice

  2. Reply Post By NFLBabe

    Vick kudo’s to you! I’m all about ” keeping it real”. Vick is a humble, real, dedicated real man! He had to go through the bad to find the good and i applaud him for stepping up and being a leader. We all make mistakes in life. Some hold themselves accountable and take responsibility with a humble heart. Vick has done just that! I hope he can stay healthy this year, bc that “O” has some serious weapons!!

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