Mike Sims-Walker on Offering To Be Brandon Marshall’s Fall Guy For Punching Woman in Club


Mike Sims-Walker gets the bro-code that D’Angelo Russell so famously decided to ignore. Being serious — the former NFL wide receiver told a courtroom that he offered to “take the fall” for Brandon Marshall — his former college roommate and Jets receiver — in Marshall’s civil trial for allegedly punching a woman.

Sims-Walker, the former Rams and Jaguars receiver, had a video deposition read into the record in which text messages between him and Marshall were explained to the jury.

“If I need to, I’ll take the blame; I’ll say I hit her,” Sims-Walker acknowledged having texted to Marshall at one point.

Sims-Walker, a former teammates of Marshall’s at the University of Central Florida, later admitted Marshall at no point asked him to take the blame. Marshall responded to Sims-Walker’s offer by saying it would not be necessary.

“We have the footage,” Marshall told Sims-Walker, while declining the offer.

The plaintiff Christin Myles testified Tuesday that she swung on Sims-Walker before being punched by Marshall.

According to NJ.com — grainy security video shown Wednesday in court seems to show Marshall throwing a punch, but it’s not clear, if it was in defense of his wife Michi — who was struck in the face by a bottle inside the club and had a few teeth knocked out and her lip split.

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