Mike Vick Says He’s Not Injury Prone

Michael Vick has returned to practicing with the Eagles first team offense and says he “Feels Great.”

The highlight reel quarterback has given fans in Philadelphia nightmares with his inability to slide or stay out of harms way.

Vick recently told the Philadelphia Inquirer that fans can relax, “he’s not injury prone.”

“I don’t think I’m injury-prone at all,” Vick said. “I just had a couple of fluke injuries that happened. But it’s not something I’m worried about.”

“Even though I’ve had these injuries and they’ve been minor, I still go out and play the game and play it effectively to the best of my ability without worrying about getting hit,” Vick said. “At the end of the day, you just got to go out there and play football, and that’s the only way you play, and not get hurt.”

“I’m not really concerned at all,” Vick said. “I felt like I had a great training camp. I felt I was in a rhythm. . . . I had the thumb. I had the rib. Being a 10-, 11-year vet, you’ve got to be able to be your best.”

Vick has been knocked out of 2 straight preseason games with injuries that for the most part could be avoidable if he would just show some restraint in his decision-making.

The Eagles are primed for a long playoff run,but will only be there in the end if #7 is available.




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