Missouri Head Coach Has A Brain Freeze Regarding Paterno

Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel was cruising along thru his first South Eastern Conference media day when the obvious question was asked.

What is your opinion of Joe Paterno and the Penn State debacle.

Pinkel didn’t dance around the question.

He should have tho.

The following answers are via The Big Lead.

“Joe Paterno’s a friend that I got to know professionally, and you can’t take away the greatness of this man. He was a great man. However you analyze this, you can’t erase all that this guy’s done. You can’t do that. Nobody can do that. I think when you come out of such a tragic situation, certainly involving children and the magnitude of this in our country from a media standpoint, I anticipated really what happened. I anticipated that they would do this. You’re not going to sit back there and say, ‘Well, just things happen.’ You’re not going to do that. They’re going to be firing, and people, they’re going to make statements and they’re going to point fingers, and that’s what I anticipated a little bit. But he was a great man, a good man. I’m sure he would, maybe if he” could “do it over again he would have followed up a few things. But don’t take away all this guy did, and to sit there and blame him for all this, I think is wrong.”

Pinkel in my opinion should have given a no comment response or just plain condemned Paterno and everything he’s ever done.  10 years of knowledge about abuse wiped out all those career accomplishments.

Pinkel was then asked what his university could learn from Penn State.  This answer comes courtesy of the Columbia Daily Tribune. 

“Well, I think every university is going to analyze that, and everybody’s going to have something in place to do it. It’s so easy in hindsight to go back there and say what it is. That’s the easiest thing to do. The easiest thing to do is to point fingers and” say “‘You should have done this, you should done that, you should have done that.’ And that was anticipated, so for anybody to think that it would have been different from that. … But I just think the common sense factor of jumping on top of things fast and making sure there’s an analysis and making sure that there’s follow-up, I think that’s really, to me — and I don’t read a lot about it — but I think there’s certainly a lot of lessons to learn from everybody.”

Again coach Pinkel the answer  simply is yes these act and behaviors are unacceptable and I’d rather proceed to quickly than not to act all.



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    He never heard of no comment or he was dueche bag for covering a pedophile’s discretions! SMH

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    The dumb assness never seems to amaze me anymore

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