Mo Speights on Losing Respect For LeBron Because He Put His Balls On Draymond’s Head


Warriors big man Mo Speights is no longer in the LeBron James fan club — telling reporters that he lost respect for the King, after the Cavs star stepped over Draymond Green.

“It’s messed to suspend a man over nothing. If somebody put they’ balls on your head, what are you supposed to do? Balls are on the back of his head. It’s kind of messed up man, but hey.”

James is wrong for stepping over Green and thinking the Saginaw, Michigan native wouldn’t respond accordingly.

LeBron has to get out of his feelings at times, and understand that not everybody views him as ‘The King’ — so it’s not above being disrespected or talked crazy to.

James for his part, says he didn’t mean to step over Green, but it doesn’t take a genius to see that this series just ratcheted up 200%.

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