Morris Twins Among 5 Officially Charged With Assaulting Man


Phoenix Suns forwards Marcus and Markieff Morris have been charged with felony aggravated assault following an incident on January 24 at a local recreation center.

The Morris twins are among five men charged in the alleged assault of 36-year-old Erik Hood at the Nin Mason Pulliam Recreation Center. Gerald Bowman, who was a safety at USC and is preparing for this year’s NFL draft was also charged.

Their first court appearance is scheduled for May 7.

Hood, alleged that he attended a basketball tournament at the recreation center when he saw the Morris brother enter the gym with three other men, Bowman, Julius Kane and Christopher Melendez.

After the game, police say Hood was confronted by Kane and struck from behind on the head by Melendez. Hood tried to run to his car but had been dazed by the initial blow to the head and fell to the ground, where he was then repeatedly punched and kicked by all five suspects. The assault was witnessed by a 27-year-old woman, who had attended the game with Hood.

Hood told detectives that he has known the Morris brothers since they were in high school and that he mentored the brothers through college. The Morris twins denied to police that they were involved in the assault and that knew Hood.

Police say that that Hood was assaulted for sending “an inappropriate text message” to the Morris brothers’ mother some time before the incident.

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