NBA’s New CBA To Be Seven-Year Deal With Opt-Out After Six Years


All will continue to be well with the NBA, as the league and the National Basketball Players Association are working on a seven-year extension to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, with a mutual opt-out in six years per The Vertical.

The seven-year deal will likely deliver the NBA labor peace through the 2023-24 season, unless the opt-outs are exercised in 2022.

The new CBA will begin with the 2017-18 season.

The NBA and union share a Dec. 15 opt-out date on the current 10-year labor agreement, but the sides are nearing completion on a new agreement that’ll be finalized within weeks, league sources said.

The NBA and the union have agreed upon the major issues of the deal, and are finishing negotiations on smaller provisions, league sources said.

The previous CBA, agreed upon in December of 2011 after a lockout, was a 10-year deal with an opt-out after five seasons.

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