NFL To Announce Philadelphia as Host Of 2017 Draft


Big things are coming to Philadelphia, and I’m not talking about the DNC.

The NFL has already chosen Philadelphia as the host of the 21017 Draft and is set to make the announcement soon, reports. The only issue remaining is when and where the announcement will be made, according to the report. The league wouldn’t want to make the announcement this week because all of the attention in Philadelphia is on the Democratic National Convention.

An individual in the league office says that because of the Democratic National Convention being held in Philadelphia this week, the NFL still is working out the logistics for actually making the official announcement.

One individual tells NJ Advance Media that representatives from NFL Network were in Philadelphia earlier this month scouting multiple potential sites for the event.

After having the draft in New York City for decades, the league has decided to move it around from city to city. Chicago hosted the last two drafts, and several other NFL cities have expressed interest.

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