Nick Fairley Arrested On DUI Charge

Coming out of Auburn most pundits had questions about Nick Fairley’s work ethic and whether or not he was a one season wonder for the Tigers 2011 National Championship team.   You can now add substance and an inability to make good decisions to the top of that list now.

Fairley was arrested this morning in Alabama around 1 a.m. by state troopers for driving under the influence, and attempting to elude police according to the Mobile County Sheriffs office.

Fairley was released on $1,750 bonds around 9 a.m.    He was also ticketed for reckless driving, no proof of insurance, and having an open container.

This is his second arrest in the past 3 months, also getting arrested for marijuana possession in April.

The Lions have not released any statements and basically are waiting to gather more information.

If you are a Lions fans I would be greatly concerned.  Fairley is a terrible decision maker and seems to lack a bit of integrity at this point.  Obviously that he is an Alabama native and former Auburn star does nothing to dissuade the police from targeting him.

I understand it may be a holiday weekend, but Fairley has enough money to hire a driver or have a friend chauffeur him around.

The fact he obviously has not care for how blessed he is should give the Lions pause.  He lack of regard for the fact that he could have killed someone should give the Lions pause.

I just hope Mr. Fairley wakes up before he Jamarcus Russell’s himself out the NFL.


  1. Reply Post By samcanman1

    Makes no sense to have all that opportunity and can`t be responsible

  2. Reply Post By Damon A. Scott

    At this time. I’m pretty sure is out of shape and will be injured before the season starts. Last year he barely played, this year? ?????????

    1. Reply Post By Damon A. Scott

      He is out of shape is what I meant.

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