Odell Beckham Believes He’s Being Targeted By Refs & League


The formula is officially out — rattle and agitate Odell Beckham Jr. early enough in a game, and he’ll take himself right out of it.

Beckham Jr. took exception to getting hit by Xavier Rhodes just after he ran out-of-bounds, got up, and talked some trash to the Minnesota Vikings cornerback.

As is the status quo these days — Beckham Jr. drew an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty from the officiating crew — signally that he’s the leagues new bad boy, even if he isn’t that bad.

“It’s always, it’s just my fault. That’s all I look at it as, it’s my fault. Whatever you want to call it,” Beckham said after having just three catches for a career-low 23 yards in New York’s 24-10 loss on Monday night. “I just have to understand if I sneeze the wrong way, it’ll be a flag, it’ll be a fine. If I tie my shoe the wrong way, it might be a fine or a flag. It is what it is. You have to understand that.”

Beckham is going to have to understand that he is under the microscope, thus he’ll likely continue to get caught when it’s him with the outburst.

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