Oscar Robertson on Buddy Hield’s Game Being More Versatile Than Curry’s


Everyone falling in love with Oklahoma All American Buddy Hield’s sweet stroke, loves to compare him to Warriors MVP, Stephen Curry.

Oscar Robertson took it one step further — possibly throwing shade at Curry again — by implying that Hield is a “more versatile” player than the Warriors star.

“I don’t think any of these players can guard him, just like Steph Curry, they can’t guard him,” Robertson said. “Plus, [Hield] can go inside and he can rebound. It means a lot also other than being [a shooter], he’s a great basketball player.”

Robertson — one of the all-time greats in college basketball — was speaking about Hield — after the Sooners star was presented the Oscar Robertson Trophy on Friday.

Robertson took a shot at Curry earlier this year when he said his success was mostly due to “sub-par defense in the NBA.”

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