Patriots Want Gronkowski To Tone It Down

Well I figured at some point the “Patriot Way” would take precedent over the “kid” getting all the special treatment. is reporting that the New England Patriots have asked gronk to tone it down some as training camp approaches.

Gronkowski has a had a fun-filled year for a myriad of different reason.

There was the photo-op with a porn star, the Gronk dancing craze directly after their super bowl loss to the Giants, and who can forget the scantily clad pool party he hosted.  

Point is fresh off of signing the most lucrative contract in NFL history for a tight end The Patriots or more notably head coach Bill Belichick would like Gronkowski to focus on what made him the star he is, and that is being the best tight end in the NFL.

The summer of Gronkowski is officially over.

Well at least for this summer.


  1. Reply Post By samco25

    Good article! The patriot dont do foolery lol

  2. He’s such a frat boy. Can’t really stand him. Maybe I’m a hater, but it makes me happy when people like that fall on their face.

    1. yea he is a bit over the top. I pay it no mind because he’s a gamer and takes football serious. I just truly hope nothing bad or truly embarrassing ever happens.

  3. Reply Post By lee73

    Bill Belichick won’t hesitate to put the brakes on somebody! lol

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