Pete Carroll Says He Wants Marshawn Lynch To Return To Seahawks

An awful passing game will change an organizations mind about getting rid of player because he doesn’t fit the mold.

Amid rumors that the Seahawks plan to part ways with Marshawn Lynch next season, Pete Carroll says he wants Lynch on the roster.

Carroll told USA Today that he wants Lynch back in the fold with the Seahawks next season.

“He’s under contract next year, we’d love to have him back,” Carroll told USA TODAY Sports on Thursday. “There’s no hesitation in us saying that and there never has been.”

Carroll went a step further on Friday.

“We’d be thrilled to have him playing for us next year,” Carroll reiterated, via USA TODAY’s Jim Corbett. “We’ll do everything to get that done.”

Lynch is due to earn $5 million with another $2.5 million in roster bonuses next year.

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