Pissed Off Draymond on D’Angelo Russell Wanting No Parts of Greg Monroe (Video)

D’Angelo did shove and run.

Draymond Green is always ready for a problem, so it was no shock that he was unimpressed by D’Angelo Russell’s cowardice behavior when it came to having Swaggy P’s back.

During the third quarter of the Bucks’ 107-103 win, the Lakers Nick Young thought Milwaukee rookie Malcolm Brogdon fouled him hard on a block attempt and responded with a shove.

Young pushed Brogdon before Greg Monroe appeared and almost decapitated Swaggy P.

That’s when you see D’Angelo Russell appear out of nowhere, shove Russell and then essentially run.

Draymond was not at all impressed, and spoke about it.

For Russell’s part, he felt his aid of Young was more than right on time.

“It was good to see everybody right there. To see everybody respond the way they did,” Russell said, via ESPN.

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