Potential Destinations for QB Tony Romo if Traded or Cut by Cowboys


Tony Romo is class personified, and although I believe he should have put up more of a fuss to get his job back — considering all he’s done in Dallas — he’ll have his list of suitors.

With Dallas getting his blessing to move on with Dak Prescott it’s now possible — that he has started his last game as a Cowboy.

Now comes the fun part — finding an organization that will allow Romo to start, and possibly exact some revenge in what is the theater of the NFL.

Romo will look to start, and with a near $25 million cap hit, it seems illogical that the Cowboys would keep him around, and hard for teams to outright trade for him.

He’ll have a huge list of suitors, but I narrowed it to a few who either need a change at quarterback, or a stopgap until a likely top pick is ready to go.

1. San Francisco 49ers

If Chip Kelly truly wants to stay in San Francisco, this call needs to be made. Colin Kaepernick restructured his contract earlier in the season — giving him the ability to opt out of his deal following the 2016 campaign.

Romo’s accuracy, Chip Kelly’s scheme and a new toy or two at the top of the draft — say Leonard Fournette — could have Niners fans dreaming of the playoffs.

2. New York Jets

See San Francisco, with this signing being more about star power, and Romo’s relationship with Todd Bowles. Can you imagine Romo throwing darts to Eric Decker or Brandon Marshall?

3. Denver Broncos

Much like Peyton Manning last year, the Broncos are loaded, Super Bowl ready and Romo could bridge the gap until Paxton Lynch is ready. Romo won’t be interested in signing with a bad team, and Gary Kubiak’s system requires an accurate quarterback, who can deliver dimes.

4. Chicago Bears

Jay Cutler is being ran out of town as we speak, and the hometown kid — Romo attended Eastern Illinois — with Bears GM Ryan Pace, who was a star linebacker at the time. can you imagine TR throwing darts around the NFC North.

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