Ray Lewis Questions Joe Flacco’s Passion For the Game (Video)


Joe Flacco is never going to be that guy to scream a teammate, or put his emotions on full display for the world to see.

That’ doesn’t mean he’s not passionate about playing the quarterback position.

While making an appearance on the FoxSports1 show “Speak for Yourself,” Lewis questioned the passion of his former, Super Bowl winning teammate.

“I’ll tell you what I do know. There’s something called talent, right? You see it a dime a dozen. And then there’s something called being passionate about what you do, about really what you do. Me being around it. Gifted? Absolutely. Passionate about what he do? I’ve never seen that. I don’t know what that looks like.”

Flacco’s leadership and demeanor have been questioned since being drafted by Baltimore. That talk quieted down when Flacco led the Ravens to a Super Bowl victory.

We can thank Ray Lewis for the questions coming back.

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