Ray Rice Wants To Gain 1,000 Rushing And Receiving Yards

Baltimore Ravens all pro running back Ray Rice got his long-term security and now he wants to join a sacred club.

USA Today is reporting that Rice wants to do what only Roger Craig and Marshall Faulk have ever done, that’s gain 1,000 yards rushing and receiving in a single season.

“My thing ain’t just rushing yards,” Rice says. “I’m all-purpose, whether it’s catching or running. My ultimate goal is to get 1,000 and 1,000.”

Rice is at the top of that new breed of running back and running game.

No longer do NFL teams ground and pound their way to championships.  In today’s NFL a three yard screen, or a short flare pass to a running back constitutes a run in some schemes.   Rice, Arian Foster, Shady McCoy, MJD, and Chris Johnson represent the new hybrid back that can run in between the tackles, slip out the back field for a short pass, or get matched up on a backer or safety and out-and-out beat them for a 50 passing touchdown.

The goal is realistic for Rice, and everything points to him being the focal point of the Ravens offense this season.

Stay tuned.

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