Redskins Sign Robert Griffin III

It was only a matter of time and now the hoopla and absolute madness can begin in the nations’ capital.

RG3 is signed, sealed and delivered. is reporting that the Redskins have signed RG3 to 4 year $21 million deal with a team option for a 5th year.

While several first round picks are still unsigned because of contract language and a guaranteed 4th year, the Redskins bit the bullet and chalked the whole language ordeal up.

Griffin III signing allows him and the Redskins the embarrassment of a hold-out and allows him an extra week of preparation before the veterans report to camp next week.

Hopefully RG3’s signing will speed up the rest of the potential first round picks who are also being held up by contract language.


  1. Reply Post By lee73

    He in the money!

  2. Reply Post By samco25

    Redskins just got tougher!

  3. Not getting RGIII signed and in camp could have been another big mistake during the Shanahan Era in DC and diminished the rookie’s already low probability of success as a Redskin:


    1. I agree. what else were the Skins gonna do start Cousins. would have made for more drama. plus with contracts slotted that would have been embarrassing.

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