Report: Aaron Hernandez Banned From Patriots Facility

The Aaron Hernandez saga is continuing to be a fluid situation by the hour, but it’s a situation his team and franchise, the New England Patriots want no part of.

Yesterday while being followed by helicopters, we became aware that Hernandez made a quick detour to the Patriots facility to either get a workout in, or to simply get away.

The Boston Herald is reporting that Hernandez was promptly kicked out by Patriots staff after being allowed in.  Patriots spokesman Stacey James would only say that he had no idea why Hernandez came to the Foxboro stadium yesterday.

“No coaches are here,” said James, declining to comment further.

Hernandez eventually drove into Boston, and met with his lawyers at the high-powered firm of Ropes & Gray. They did not respond to multiple inquiries.

I’m not sure if Hernandez needed a place to lay low or what, but the NFL and in particular the New England Patriots want no part of murders or people trying to impede a murder investigation.

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