Report: Bidding For UFC as High as $4 Billion; Sale Is Imminent


It will be intersting to see if the entire organization changes?

The UFC is one of the fastest growing sports organisations in the world and now they’ll be owned by a new company after reports surfaced that a biddign war has ensued.

It should come as no surprise that reports of a sale are flying around given their recent success.

Dave Meltzer has reported that “the bidding period (for the UFC) is expected to end on or around June 16 … in the $4 billion price range for 100 percent ownership.” – via Forbes.

The news of the Fertittas & Dana White selling their shares of the UFC has picked up steam this past week, after Dana White has publicly said that no such sale is in the works.

UFC president Dana White has said he’d leave the UFC should it be sold, because of his close relationship with executives Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, but who else can run the company.

The Fertitta brothers purchased the UFC in January 2001 for $2 million, as they own 81%, Dana White 9%.

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