Report: Clippers Nearing Deal With Celtics To Hire Doc Rivers

The on again off again love affair between the Clippers for Celtics head coach is back on according to reports.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports is reporting that the Clippers are preparing and finalizing a deal that will send the Celtics a 2015 unprotected first round pick in exchange for the right to hire Doc Rivers.

Sources say that talks started again on Sunday after the Clippers offered the Celtics a first-round pick to free Rivers from his contract with Boston, sources said.

Rivers and the Clippers are reportedly working on a five-year $35 million deal.

Rivers himself had reportedly said he was no longer interested, but pressure from Chris Paul and a Friday deadline by the Celtics got things started again.

Earlier today we reported on a source that said the Clippers were talking contract with Byron Scott.

The NBA of course would still need to approve the deal.

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