Report: Knicks Still Want J.R. Smith But Not His Brother Chris Smith

Last week it was reported that J.R. Smith had quietly agreed to re-sign with the New York Knicks at a price of $5 million per season.

Reports suggest that a part of that deal was the Knicks doing Smith a small favor by also keeping his younger brother and former Louisville guard Chris Smith on the roster.

ESPN New York is now reporting that such a deal in not the case, and even though they do want J.R. back, they have no interest in Chris Smith.

One source said Chris Smith, J.R.’s younger brother, will not be considered.

“Chris is not an NBA player — not even close,” the source said. “He will never play for them.”

The Knicks are limited in what they can do in free agency, and do have a need for a point guard, I’m just not sure it will be young Chris Smith.

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