Report: Tim Duncan And Wife File For Divorce

San Antonio Spurs power forward Tim Duncan has always handled his private life in the same quiet classy manner that we’ve always seen from him on the court.

So it may be a surprise to some to find out that Duncan and his wife Amy may be getting a divorce.  According to the San Antonio Express-News, a divorce case filed in San Antonio two months ago bears only the initials of the husband and wife, but seems to suggest that it’s the Spurs star and his wife.

There are no names used in the case, but the initials A.S.D. vs. T.T.D.  Tim Duncan’s middle name is Theodore.  A request was reportedly filed last week asking that a legal discovery be postponed until after the Spurs last playoff game.

The newspaper also verified paperwork that says the couple married around July 21, 2001.  Tim and Amy Duncan were married in July of 2001.

Documents also says they have two children together, and those birthday date coincide with the dates listed on the divorce filing.

Tim and Amy Duncan reportedly started dating while at Wake Forest University, where Tim of course was a star in the ACC, and Amy was a cheerleader.

T.T.D., has asked the court to honor a prenuptial agreement and confirm that he owns property that is separate from the marital estate. A.S.D.’s petition states that the two will “enter into a written agreement for the division of their estate.”

I’m sorry to hear this if the reports are true, and I just hope Duncan can continue to focus.

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