Revis & Brandon Marshall Come To Blows At Jets Practice


Maybe it was the summer heat — or just two stars pushing each other to the limit.

The New York Jets practice on Friday turned violent after the two biggest names on the roster — wide receiver Brandon Marshall and cornerback Darrelle Revis threw paws during practice.

according to the New York Post — the two went back and forth “getting the best of each other” — before finally having enough and tussling.

Marshall took exception when Revis pushed him in the back after breaking up a pass in 11-on-11 drills and also when he claimed Revis slapped him in the face during a one-on-one drill.

After Marshall beat Revis on an 80-yard touchdown, then for another short completion, Marshall said he retaliated by slapping Revis in the shoulder. Marshall then was pulled away by fellow wide receiver Quincy Enunwa.

Marshall, who has a history of ugly feuds with teammates, dating to his days with the Broncos, Dolphins and Bears, then taunted Revis by reminding him of his matchup with the Texans’ DeAndre Hopkins last year — one of Revis’ worst days as a pro.

At that point Todd Bowles ordered his coaches not let Marshall and Revis matchup the rest of the day.

Marshall told reporters he and Revis are close — but couldn’t accept being sucker punched.

“Today crossed that football line, but I can’t let nobody slap me in my face,” Marshall said.

Sounds like another NFL training camp fight gone viral.

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