Revis on People Not Putting Enough ‘Respect’ on His Name


Darrelle Revis is a shell of his former self, but that doesn’t mean yo can just downright disrespect his name either.

Gone are the days of ‘Revis Island’ and receivers being held without a catch. That’s been replaced by a sudden burst of way to harsh criticism — with chants of Revis is washed up, and so on.

The Jets cornerback openly admits he’s no longer the best in the game, but it seems as if people have been waiting years for this onslaught of insults and criticism.

He’s not for all the disrespect:

”I think people don’t respect me enough, which is fine,” a candid Revis told The Associated Press on Friday. ”I don’t know why, though, because the numbers are there. I’ve proven myself year in and year out for a number of years, and they’re not being respectful to that.”

”I’m getting old and I can’t control that,” Revis said. ”I’m not 23 or 24 years old anymore. I can still play the game at a high level, yes, but at the same time, if a team is game planning to target you 15-20 times a game, the guy is going to catch the ball a few times. That’s just that. The coach understands that, and inside here, we all know that.”

”I put myself in this whole situation because of how well I played in the past,” Revis said. ”I understand that.”

Revis believes that his past should count for something in the big picture. This is not the NBA, and the NFL doesn’t care about past accolades — just who you are now.

And who Revis is creates the criticism, because at the end of the day, he’s still making $17 million this season.

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