Rex Ryan Says Jets Will Stick With Mark Sanchez

Fresh off of a few guarantees, and some strong team unity, the New York Jets again went out and were totally inept against the Seattle Seahawks.

Mark Sanchez again had another putrid performance, going 9-22, 124 yards, with 2 turnovers.

So again another poor Sanchez performance, and another week of pundits suggesting it may be Tebow Time.

Jets head coach Rex Ryan is saying not yet according to

“We’re sticking with Mark,” Ryan said. “Because I believe we can win with Mark.”

When presented with the opinion, that Sanchez may not be the answer, Ryan still wouldn’t waver.

“I’m too confident for that,” he said. “I don’t expect anything different.”

I can appreciate Ryan’s loyalty to Sanchez, but it begs to wonder if Rex is really that loyal, or is Tebow really¬† that bad.


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