Rock Blackwell Dominates Alberto In International Scottish Boxing League


July 20th, 2013 — MADRID, SPAIN —

Hugo Alberto proved nothing more than easy work for King Rock Blackwell.  The future of the light heavyweight division dominated Hugo from the opening bell, winning a unanimous decision in a masterful performance that left no doubt in who is the next world champion in the light heavyweight division.

Blackwell was sharp, efficient and brutal in dismantling the fighter from Spain.  Blackwell frustrated Alberto early, pounded him with big right hands, fast combinations and a laser like jab.

Blackwell was favored 117-111 and 116-112 on two ringside scorecards, the Associated Press scored it 119-109 for Blackwell.

The Baltimore native added another victory to his resume, becoming another step closer to finishing the tournament undefeated. Hugo weighed in at 174lbs, but was an unofficial 182 pounds when he got into the ring while Blackwell, who weighed in at 175 pounds, was an even 185 .

The Madrid pugilist was seldom able to land a solid punch, with most of his punches either missing or glancing off of Blackwell.

“No doubt he’s is going to be great fighter, he is very skilled” Hugo said. “I couldn’t figure him out”

Blackwell’s speed and skill was the difference all night as he was able to land straight rights and left jabs, then move out of the way before Hugo was able to respond.

“He’s very talented, very elusive,” Hugo said

Hugo said before the fight that he had the game plan to solve Blackwell’s philly shell defense and fast hands. If that didn’t work, he said, he had other game plans he would implement to win the fight.

But he had no plan that worked once he got into the ring and found out just how difficult Rock can be.

Ringside punch stats showed Blackwell’s dominance, crediting him with landing 232 of 505 punches to 117 of 526 for Alberto.

Blackwell Moves On To Impressive 14-0 In The International Scottish Boxing League.


On Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 Light heavyweight contender “King Rocky” (Rock Blackwell) will finally get a chance to showcase his talent before the boxing fans of Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

On March 5th, 2014 The WBU announced Blackwell as the number one contender for the vacant WBU America’s and WBU Intercontinental championship. Becoming the first fighter to be ranked and compete for two title’s in the history of the organization. 

Rock Blackwell is quick and explosive, He has been a mile ahead of his competitors in all of his recent fights. Blackwell’s assumed greatness will flourish once he captures the WBU title’s, however, once becoming champion for the first time on August 23rd, the 27-year-old Blackwell have much to do to justify the lofty expectations heaped upon him.

Blackwell’s fighting stance mimics Mayweather’s shoulder roll, and while Blackwell does not possess Mayweather’s extensive experience, he combines breathtaking speed and in-ring comfort with great explosive punching power.

2014-2015 will stand as crucial years in the boxing Sinatra’s development as an elite fighter, and this will be the result of both Rock’s victories in the ring and increase in market value.

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